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A School In Your Pocket

For better quality, effortless learning, our school is now in your pocket. You can follow your favorite instructors and enjoy the fun learning in a Facebook-like community, wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.


What we offer


Curriculum publishing

Ready to publish your idea or proposal? Our Curriculum Publishing service can take you there, helping you get your curriculum out into the world, in your name, with R-School’s approval. (Subject to availability)


Tailored Curriculums

If you have a specific idea or need for a particular curriculum, then this is for you. R-School tailored educational solutions will help you design, develop, and publish your vision. (Subject to availability)



Challenging yourself and exchanging experiences have never been better. Our programs are a great way to teach hands-on skills and give learners the chance to try (and sometimes fail) in a safe environment.



R-School has proudly published its very own educational books, which support our smart teaching practices and values. Our books are tailored to our learners' needs and appealing to their appetite.

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What Our R-Schoolers Say

Both my kids (a son in kindergarten and a daughter in preschool) loved learning English, and they excelled thanks to God’s blessing, then to the efforts you made to teach them, Ms. Rasha. The English Train’s methods and materials were excellent, and you were an outstanding teacher, loved by all the children.



While working on Rasha’s English book series, I saw first-hand the author’s commitment to effective instruction, quality content, and superior design. Any teacher or parent who uses the All Aboard the English Train books will appreciate how it helps children absorb language at an appropriate pace and level while having fun!



The English Train curriculum was exceptional, and my son still remembers both the curriculum and Ms. Rasha four years later. The lessons were perfectly suited to his age, and the colorful design and formatting of the books were beautiful. Thank you. He has never forgotten your help and instruction.



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