R-School’s Beginnings Let me tell you a little story...


Our Mission

Fostering a safe learning environment where children are heard, seen, respected based on the understanding that each child learns at a different pace. This unique environment will create more opportunities for parents and teachers to meet their learners’ needs by providing high-quality curriculums of higher engagement that support values, smart techniques, and global citizenship practices.


Our Vision

We see today’s students as tomorrow’s leaders. Driven by vision, we manage our resources to raise self-aware talents who know how to seek adequate opportunities and become unrivaled achievers. To prepare our students to attain strong beliefs, great morals, respectful values, a growth mindset, and a drive to improve the world around them.

R-School Team

Want to know about the people behind the success of R-School? Meet our team!

Rasha Alajouz

Founder & Director

Rasha is an entrepreneur with a vision to see the world filled with women and youth who can find their WHY, walk through its path, and reach there safe and sound. She uses her passion for language and education to help kids, teens, and women go from being passionate dreamers to resilient doers, spreading their wings on their journey to making the world a better place. And that's why R-School has been created: To Learn, Grow, and Become!

Rania H. Khaled

The Explorer Guru

Rania believes a mind isn't a vessel filled with information; it's the one that questions, asks, and explores for answers in the world. Rania explores ways to ignite young minds and looks for innovative learning products to prove teaching as an evidence-based profession. School self-improvement paired with a drive for high-quality teaching within a progressive autonomous education system is the balance we aspire to explore and develop at R-School.

April Lotempio


April LoTempio has 15 years of experience teaching grades K-6. She holds a master’s degree in Elementary Education and currently works full-time as a curriculum writer and editor.

We are enthusiastic about having you on our team.

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the creative team

R-Bookers are designers, voice-over artists, and curriculum design experts. If you’re a creator with a message, you’re more than welcome to join the team.


the appraisal team

R-Committee is a team of experts and academics who review and accredit R-School curriculums. To join, send your resumé and credentials, and tell us why you’d be an excellent fit for our team.


the educative team

R-Educators are our front line of instructors, teachers, and educational experts. If any of these job titles is yours, we’d love to e-meet and know your work.