German Train | A1 |

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Ages 8 - 18 Years
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German Train | A1 |

German Train | A1 |


Our Language Programs help students master a foreign language like a native speaker – confidently - using the right accent, tenses, sentences, and idioms. Hence, become a fluent listener, writer, and reader as well. We start with the basics, which is perfecting the way students pronounce sounds.

Then we move onto the following stages after evaluating students based on the global standards of students' language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) with an evaluation test after each stage.

There is also a placement interview for new students to make sure they enroll in the level that suits them best.

What you will learn

Regardless of the level you are in, we aim to develop the communication skills by letting them express more with the language they are learning; we also concentrate on teaching values and principles, because when learning a new language, you use it daily, and in different fields, so you can be more fluent and confident.

We let the students choose the topics most on their minds. Then we weave those topics around adjectives, adverbs, sentence structure, and principles of conversational German.

Some of the ways we use in our teaching methods:
  • We provide students with confidence.
  • We playing games and share topics in a fun way.
  • We correct the grammatical and pronunciation mistakes respectfully and make them help each other.
  • We help students find their hobbies through language, for example: cooking online using German words.
Pricing per course100$

Meet our instructor

Gummana Tarek

Gummana is a proficient instructor for both English and German languages. She’s most interested in teaching and developing language skills for kids and teens.