GermanTrain | SpL Workshop

Course Info:
Ages 8 - 11 Years
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GermanTrain | SpL Workshop

GermanTrain | SpL Workshop


This workshop is an instructional practice designed to encourage students to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly and improve listening skills so they can participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners.

What you will learn

In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Speak and listen with confidence
  • Play games and share topics in a fun way.
  • Correct the grammatical and pronunciation mistakes respectfully.
  • Find your hobbies through language, for example: cooking online using German words.
  • Weave those topics around adjectives, adverbs, sentence structure, and principles of conversational German.
Pricing per course35$

Meet our instructor

Nadine Ali

Now you can study German with Nadine from zero to hero. She is graduated from the faculty of linguistics and translation at Badr University in Cairo. Being in Germany for a summer internship made all difference. Her spark for Language teaching was kindled ever since. Deutsch macht auch immer spaß!!