ICDL Base Course

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Ages 12 - 15 Years
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ICDL Base Course

ICDL Base Course


Driving a car isn’t a simple task. Before you get out there (the road), you should get a license that attests to your capability and ensures others' safety. Likewise, using computers and getting out there (the internet) needs a license to ensure everyone (including us) is safe. And what would be better than an international one?

ICDL is an international computer driving license that gives you everything you need to drive your PC safely and professionally.

It also enhances your CV, widens your prospects, and strengthens your education programs' scope. Students with ICT skills are better prepared for life, work, and further learning.

ICDL is divided into 3 levels: ICDL-Base, ICDL-Intermediate, and ICDL-Advanced, and we will be teaching ICDL-Base, which is like 4 mini-courses combined. Excited?! Join us now.

What you will learn

  1. Computers are essential in everyone's life; learn basic computer skills such as protecting your data and hardware from malware and more.
  2. Learn Internet fundamentals, email skills, and stay safe online.
  3. Word processing and text editors are crucial to all technology users; this course teaches all the skills needed to master text processing.
  4. Dealing with Spreadsheets makes our lives easier; this course will teach all the skills needed to master Microsoft Excel.
Pricing per course100$