Sheriff of the World

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Ages 8 - 15 Years
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Sheriff of the World

Sheriff of the World


Changing the world begins with changing yourself; this is what we aim for. Based on the SDGs of the United Nations, we have designed the most efficient course for you.

Here you will learn, experience, and train on being responsible in your everyday situations. Once you become responsible for your own environment, you will be the Sheriff of this world one day.

What you will learn

  • RESPONSIBILITY (SHERIFF OF THE WORLD): what it means to be responsible for yourself, your home, your school, your street, your neighborhood, your city, and your country, then the world.
  • SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION (SDG #12): Learn how to ensure responsible consumption and production patterns by reducing your waste and being thoughtful about what you buy, choosing a sustainable option whenever possible.
  • CLIMATE ACTION (SDG #13): You’ll learn how to help limit global warming and take care of our environment by changing your habits and making choices with less harmful effects on it.
  • LIFE BELOW WATER (SDG #14): You’ll learn how to make ocean-friendly choices when buying products or eating food derived from oceans, consuming only what you need.
  • Life on Land (SDG #15): You’ll learn how land is affected, why it matters, and how it affects our health. You’ll also learn how we can help in protecting our rural communities.
  • Final Project: Apply what you’ve learned and present your project in a month.
Be responsible. Be the solution. Be the Sheriff of the World.
Pricing per course75$

Meet our instructor

Lilian Gharios

Lilian graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine (United States). She graduated with two degrees: Government and Legal Studies (Concentration International Relations), and French and Francophone Studies. “During my time at college, I volunteered in many different places to teach less privileged people or children with mental or physical disabilities different subjects from languages to Mathematics to computer skills. I believe that our most powerful tool in changing the world for the better is education: access to a good, well-rounded education for everyone."